Woohoo!…time to dance!..well at least wiggle a bit…I think it’s finished.
It hasn’t taken quite as long as I was scared that it would…but I have lost track of how many days I’ve been working on this one…this is an A4 scan out of the middle of an almost A2 size picture, and I kind of wish I had done it even bigger! Z’s face is quite small for working on at this size.
Pencil is quite an economical medium…if you don’t count the time it takes!
Paper is expensive though, and this quite expensive sheet was a mistake, even though I asked in the art shop for help, it wasn’t strong enough for the amount of lifting and corrections I’m in the habit of making.
Ok…so maybe now I’ll get to read a bit more of other peoples blogs, and find out what everyone else has been up to!
Big kiss.
 just realised I missed another hugnation!