Ok Stevie Baby’s piccie is done, save deciding whether to give him all his teeth or not. It is the most conservative looking picture I think I have ever done in my life, which has made it a little awkward to like…even if he’s kind of cute. Maybe it just reminds me of school too much!

Time seems very strange to me at the moment. Every day is busy, and passing….noisy and messy and running around after house and children. Seeing the sunshine. All very slightly detached though and timeless. Maybe I’m tired.

Getting a little more time on the internet now, have had to bring back a link list (on the blogspot blog).The tag roll from del.icio.us is pretty but not very practical for everyday access.

There is so much to see out there, beautiful art and people…there is so much colour and movement in this world. It is truly beautiful. Terrible, and wonderful and beautiful.

Ok off to enjoy all that in a slightly detached timeless way. Big kisses to you. Yes you.


One of my mum’s pic’s.

See, told you it was beautiful!