It’s Monday, gorgeously sunny and the two babes I have with me today are currently sleeping.

Ahhh peace at last.

I still need to draw Stevie baby’s teeth but have to wait for another pic for that.

Ok trying the keyboard on my lap! brilliant so now I have my feet up as well…what more could i WANT?


Today is day three of a ten day raw food break,mostly just to see how I actually feel and what I’d really like to eat after a break from all the cakes/sugar/biscuits/junk I’ve been eating since…at least Christmas.

I feel so much better already, more relaxed and definitely simplified. It’s easier to listen to my body as well…though not so easy to go to my sister’s first barbecue on Saturday, or even have best friends round for one of Marks gorgeous roastie meals yesterday! It smelt lovely.

Bumped into the lady that runs the drop-in art class today, so I think my next adventure is figure work.

Big kisses