I’m happy happy happy and excited.

I have work time, right here and right now…not later, not something more important that needs doing, but right here and now.

I have some pictures chosen…I’m here to mail them to myself as I’m using the lap-top to work from in a minute…but it’s much slower than this so posting comes first.

I’ve been craving to draw for days, seeing pictures in my head and feeling my hands itching for pencils, weird and wonderful!

And I’m happy and excited because I finally got to post off the drawing/painting of C to America today. That felt sooo good. Great big tube for such a little piece of paper though! I’m so happy I feel like it’s me getting a gift…I’m even waiting for it to arrive! I really couldn’t be happier.

I found that when I did Z’s pictures for my friends, I was so excited for them to be seen…they were a little harder to let go of as they were the first. Every time I looked at them I was amazed at what I had done, and they were based on such beautiful photos.

On and on, want a new one, it’s a bit like suddenly having more babies and children to love, quite strange and amazing. I wonder what it’s like to draw peoples pets, whether you suddenly find yourself liking animals more.

Ok, enough mad rambling for now

Big kisses.