Speak your truth. Is there anyone on this earth that is really worth betraying your own honesty with yourself for? Regardless of whether you are trying to save another’s feelings or avoiding a conflict, a mistruth is a mistruth and you will have to suffer the betrayal of yourself if you do not have the courage to liberate all involved. The truth will always, ultimately set you free..

You are in a great time of change. You are shedding the out dated aspects of yourself for a greater perception of who you are as a person. Allow the healing to help you to come to higher understanding of your sense of self.

People’s perceptions of you are very much influenced by what you say to them. Make sure that you are communicating clearly and openly. Let people know where you are really at and there will be little need for conflict.

This card signifies an emotional rebirth through the learning of major life lessons. Family issues that you have carried all your life are coming to the surface….soon you will be free.

Your spiritual belief systems are breaking down right now so that they can be replaced with higher understanding and experience. This may be a shakey time for you, but in accepting this knowledge you can rest assured that just through this bit there is a whole new understanding of life as you know it.

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