Something in me opened further last night…and I poured out with such clarity…not tainted by emotion or any physical sensations of tiredness or attatchments of personal history… Just refreshing sweet clarity…vocally and physically. 

I flowed with no resistance whilst lucidly watching myself happen and unfold.

Something in me has seemed so clear the last few days, not in my head, but in my body…my body is my heroine today.

And talking with Mark last night was on a par with the physically ecstatic state we were blessed with.

Part of me is stunned at the possiblity of all these feelings, progress and awakening in the middle of child-riot-chaos-life…how can we transcend at the same time as cope?

I had been so lost to doubt.

I ask to stay focused
to stay true to my question
and to open as clearly in front of my other loves