There are many distractions to use on strange days, eating, tidying drawing, laundry, clearing out cupboards…but these distractions are accompanied by the inescapable sensation of strange in my stomach.

There are fewer ways to untangle strange sensation, my favourite being Mark lovingly telling me that I am strange, so feeling it makes perfect sense, and something in that rings true enough for me to let it wonderfully be. Another way is to doodle , great big whatever colour happens doodles, until words and phrases spring to the page to let my strangeness be out there in front of me, wonderful, colourful, vibrant and beautiful truth. And lastly, the gift that is the internet…where people blog their own beautiful truth. Lale truth.

Today is one of those days, full of colour and feelings and I’m reminded of how lucky we are to have this wonderful web of possible connections…How lucky we are to find openess and gifts of everday shared.

I rarely watch television nowadays, I have the occasional day or three of immersing myself in it’s light, channel hoping slouched on a sofa…passively letting in images, ideas and sometimes enriching stories… I find familiar faces there and amazing sights and scenery so many miles from myself that I’m likely to never see them in person…but on the internet I can chat and offer, and usually just be clicking a couple of extra links, find an open gate into someones garden of thoughts and I feel a strong sensation of friendship, kinship.

I’ve been wondering whether over time this will translate more and more into our everyday world…in the same way that having a strong sense of foundation from home or family gives us confidence in life to go out and be involved, will our sense of connectedness and kin-ship from reading thoughts across not only physical distance but time, bring us eventually to the same confidence?

I no longer feel strange when I read the same senses of beauty and awe in other peoples words.