Aren’t they lovely when they are asleep!

Adrift on the topsy turvyness of schools hols…Sleeping beauty is, as I type, tucked up in a tent, in a thunder storm, in the back garden!…I wonder if he looks as peaceful tonight!?

I put a new little poem up on my tailcast blog today…still finding out about my personal boxes as to what belongs where.
The beautiful fractal pic below (which is more amazing if you click to enlarge it) comes from here and is the work of Sven Geier who very generously, based on his beliefs that property rights belong to physical property alone, copylefts his images instead of copyrighting them!
They make beautiful wallpapers for the computer and would make amazing posters, t-shirts, anything really.
I shall be posting a couple of our favourites in the next few days.
I’m still waiting for permission to post some beautiful astronomy pictures from the Panther Observatory