Nic Endo

Echo.  The cover to Daredevil 03555 from my second Echo story.

Today’s post is just an out and out treat! I had the pleasure of discovering David Mack’s stunningly beautiful Kabuki series back in the late nineties…I still have my few cherished ‘comic’ books (I know, graphic novels!! I’m just embracing the enjoyment of my inner child.) in their plastic sleeves on my bookcase. They are one of my few possesions from our life before we sold our house and gave away it’s contents to go live in a mobile home back in 2000.
Today I have discovered that I can now create these links from his myspace albums to help share the amazing beauty of his work.
There are a few other artists I watch on myspace and if they have done the same thing to their albums you can look forward to some more introductions
Big Kiss
A page from KABUKI vol 2- Dreams.

A page from my ECHO story in Marvels Daredevil