Pretty much how I’m feeling at the moment! Took me a few minutes to find a couple of pictures to show how I feel, and these are definitely them! The joyous exhilarating freedom you feel at the ‘I’m almost flying’ point in any leap…The surge of love and pride you have watching your partner play with your kids…the sunny peaceful warmth you feel when you get to enjoy an afternoon walk by yourself, just to breathe it all in.

I think the blue skies in these pictures must hold a lot of it too…and now I’ve typed that it reminds me of being ‘told’ by one of my gorgeous guides, to let my ‘blue pour forwards’ only in my hand written journal it came out looking like ‘for words’ and it was the day I learnt about communication being Communion In Action.

Today I finally got to listen all the way through to Jennifer McLean’s ‘Healing with the Masters’ talk with Sonia Choquette… Which I’m very sorry to say you may have missed the freebie access to by now…BUT!! the Healing With The Masters Series is just kicking off and all the time I’ve spent listening so far has left me feeling like these pink flowers basking in the sun and reaching for the sky!

The perfect antidote for all the gloom spreaders, nay sayers, and scare mongers that may be pulling at your ear and you may find just the seed, just the spark, to release you from something long overdue…I did.

Big Kiss