I’d never even heard of latte art, my coffee was so pretty!

Feeling Super Lucky to be living where I live today…the sun shone, the washing dried, time at the park (5 mins from my house), bumped into friends, received offers of healing time, met new people, drank jasmine tea, listened to the birds…the list goes on…Super Super Lucky.

There is something big happening, quietly, gently, something is shifting. I’m usually all gung-ho at this point, pushing and rushing at change, a bit like a kid at Christmas shouting “What is it? What is it?” but actually this time I don’t even want to know…I want it to be so slow, so gradual as to be imperceptible…because If I don’t know what it is I can’t panic and muck it up. Change is coming, it’s all good and I think I’ll just allow it and enjoy my cups of coffee and occasional sunset walks in town.