I’ve had such a life full of treats and adventure recently!! There is just so much to do in life!!! I could do with re assesing my priorities…I haven’t vacummed in over a week (think I’ve got that one about right) but plan on getting to it soon…I’m not huge on dusting and polishing…do not do ironing except for super fun…(fixing fabric paint, flattening pictures, melting crayons) reasons…but I’m beginning to feel that perhaps I might miss something a little more serious if I don’t pay some attention to more mundane bits of life soonish. Definitely have a nagging sensation that I’m not taking my grown-up responsibilities seriously enough!

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been doing the last week or so….

Making Anime costumes for the London Anime Expo (photos to follow)
Shamanic Journeying with
Eva Weaver through her WildWing Centre
Hanging out with my cousin Tom and discovering Tom’s Bar in Brighton (photo’s to follow)
And seeing the amazing
Blue Man Group live at the Brighton Centre….Like This!::::