“What do you mean ‘come back to Spirit’? do you mean re-connect?”

Connect and re-connect seemed too distant, too separate…

“No I just mean come back, return, come back to being”

We had reached an impasse in explaining, in understanding, some things are just like that, too delicate, the nuance too specific…but it left me frustrated and feeling unable to connect with my new teacher.

That night as I drifted off to sleep I meditated on the conversation, and it came to me. In sweet, blissful simplicity…”Come back to breath”. It was a technique offered to me once, any moment, any problem, overwhelm, pain, desire, come back to breath and it was simply that, with Spirit.

Every moment of life it is there, in your lungs, in your process of being, in the air around you, shared by every living thing, touching everything else; Breath. You could not notice it for years, try to hold it, ignore it, it still sustains your every moment…and takes only a slight shift in focus to notice it, to come back to it, to let it in more fully, enjoy it and revel in it. Spirit was like that, only more pervasive.

So now I am blessed, and noticing.