I’m remembering now, the ridiculous number of times, this year (last Year!) that I found myself thinking….”this is just like ten years ago”
Strange, patterns repeating so clearly as though unfinished…very, very trippy!
Feeling excited and truly as though I am launching into the unknown with the beginning of this decade, at the same time as being suspended in The Single Moment…Happy trippy!

I love it when life is surprising, and I guess that’s what I’m hoping for. Last year I picked the word Astonishing for 2009 and found myself applying it to the moment on several occasions…
and the close of the year has been deeply astonishing…
revealing, renewing, affirming, powerful, sacred, Full of Love, intriguing, and illusion shattering. And that’s what I want so much for this year that I think I’m choosing the whole list fo 2010!

So I wish for myself, and you if you desire, a revealing, renewing, affirming, power full, sacred, Full of Love, intriguing and illusion shattering 2010!
(as if it could be any other way!)

Hug Love and a Big Kiss
Always Julia