We carry our stories in our bodies; in our thoughts, memories, scars and weight. In our tensions, strengths and weaknesses.

Body Art, painting and tattoos are a way of translating those stories onto the skin of our body, out into the world. Sometimes we are working through them and healing parts of them, sometimes simply wearing our truth on our sleeve.

Sometimes we are celebrating, enjoying and stepping into aspects of ourselves we thought we had left behind.

I helped make a film about this today:D

A beautiful time spent painting and talking, making friends and exploring how we carry our scars, what things we hide, and what things we do not ask each other about.

I got to ‘see’ my painting, on the screen, moving and breathing and alive, just the way I experience it while I am painting. It was such a gift to experience, beyond even the most beautiful pictures I have of some of my far better painting.

I think film will need exploring some more!:D xxx