I know i am not a ‘technically’ great artist, and this piece is one of those that renders my abilities childlike. I have boxes full of ‘spiritual art’ and they seem to largely come out like that. Mostly I am just sketching to bridge build or understand something personally so it matters not 🙂 ❤


The writing within the picture says

‘There is a seed
A growing fire
That is the connection

Perhaps they are us in prayer or enlightened dream
All of us collectively or all of our one self
in our myriad moment and ‘verses.
Sons and daughters of Eternity and Infinity
forming in the Golden Light of Divine Creation’.


Some people know of my tin-hat quandary.
Although I am an essentially skeptical person I have experienced being ‘visited’ by, worked with, and dreamt about guides in many forms from Jesus to a frog.
Three times in my life, in dreams and journey work I have met ‘Light Being’ collectives or groups. The first time I was pretty much terrified, could only feel my own fear and couldn’t move. I was unsettled for a long time following it The second time I was not terrified and able to feel the waves of love emanating from them and learnt/was shown the interaction between them and ‘ordinary’ reality, and the third time I traveled through a light tunnel and on my arrival realised the tunnel was my connection to either my own light body or one that was being lent to me and I was a part of the collective during that visit.
My quandary ever since has been one of ‘knowing’ that they help raise levels of benevolence, kind action, love and graceful understanding in ‘ordinary reality’ which fights somewhat with having what I consider a pretty super strong ego that clamours on about Free Will.

I heard a lady called Christina Donnell talking on BatGap a few days ago and she is a lucid and prophetic dreamer and in amongst her unusual experiences mentioned something that spoke to me about who (or what) Light Beings and Angels perhaps are.

It’s prettier in person than my camera or I are able to capture.