Today in amongst much hustle and bustle, I was in a quiet spot having the honour of getting to know Sam Cleasby a little better, during a bit of body painting.
We didn’t have much time to prep, or even much time for painting, but following a quick discussion about the idea of scars as hieroglyphs, and with Sam’s love of some of the Egyptian colours and style we had a direction to go in.

Scarab (dung) beetles lay eggs in balls of dung and roll and bury them in the ground, the baby beetles being born out of the ground, seemingly ‘self-creating’. This inspired a revered association with regeneration, re-birth, the sun and the god khepri.

It also struck me that beetles are armoured, and underneath that beautiful armour they hide the wings that give them the power of flight, to get above the everyday.

Sam had a colectomy and ileostomy in 2013 and has an ostomy bag that we definitely wanted to include in this paint.
Where Sam’s surgery scars lay we gave a little nod to Kintsukuroi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold to honour and hi-light the increased beauty of something broken and then repaired or healed; Changed by the breaking, but not lessened.

Sam’s journey has been tough, her blog SoBadAss.Me holds her story and oceans of experience and information, she exudes warmth and strength and she has a smile that lights up the planet.  It was both an honour and a real pleasure to meet her today:D