I’ve had my mum here visiting…hence the lovely family pic…

I have a computer full of my mum’s images now…. some gorgeous ones of my grandparents, great grand parents, great-great grandparents! aunts uncles and cousins…a little box full of family. I remember when I was young and used to have a thing for someone, I often wished I could keep them in a little box so I could magic them out whenever I missed them. This box doesn’t interfere with them going about their days either!

My life is so full….it feels wonderfully luxurious whenever I get to sit still. There is so much rush and bustle and busy things to do, but any moment I stop to ponder on my day I am thrilled with how life is, how much love there is flying about…confusion met with compassion and mistakes with forgiveness, tiredness with hugs and cups of coffee (or herb tea) and thanks to the sanity of children (and my husband) laughter outweighs grumpiness.

I’m not sure how much more anyone can ask of life. Health is a good one I suppose…we’re lucky at the moment, but have loved ones we’re thinking of.

I wish everyone vibrancy and energy and any help they need.

It’s good to be back at the computer after a few days away…but my link rolls have disappeared somwhere. I think del.icio.us may be having a problem, so for now my tag roll is to our left instead. If things don’t return to normal soon, and I usually have a link for you, I shall type them in myself.