So how cool is this…Posting two days in a row, and I had work time two days in a row as well!
New picture of z in two days…feels quite quick, still about ten hours so far, and still learning how to acheive depth and shadow more effieciently…can only keep practicing I guess.

Finally got to art class on time, only to find out it was cancelled!

Med arrived last night to stay for a week, so hopefully it’ll add to the holiday sensation…and I’m out to dinner tonight with the girls.

Quite the socialite at the moment, what with London trips, Jazz nights and dining out…all with other women which is deeply wonderful. I feel so good when I get to spend time with the gorgeous women I’m lucky to have as friends and sisters.

Hmmm, I really like this picture, not 100% sure it’s finished, and I feel unsure about the level of difference I see between my drawings and the original pictures…kind of ‘If they’re so different are they getting better/ good enough/ do they convey the person?’

The best I’ve seen likeness wise was z’s second pic, hmmm.