Yay! nearly the weekend!

More guests arriving tomorrow, hadn’t occurred to me to wonder whether Stefanie speaks much English before this moment…but thinking about it I expect she does very well…I think it’s fairly usual to speak several languages in Belgium.

Tomorrow the kids break from school for a week as well, I just hope there isn’t some big project handed out to do in the break…it’s usually a wonderful learning experience for me, but I could do without the homework fight!

I’m really feeling the benefit of spending more time with my female gorgeous goddess friends…I am filled with so much love and a sense of peace just thinking about being able to spend time with them…I remember writing little prayers for this in the hopewitch blog a couple of years ago.

Whenever I consider what I have in my life it occurs to me that I have what I asked for previously with my heart.

Halcyon Pink has been inspired to flow with the idea of being an Inner-Activist and it’s truly how I believe we can change any state of reality. I look forward to his musings and am grateful he is as inspired, sharing, watchable and sexy as he is…(and of course, Huggable)

Ok, big kisses for now