Petersfield Lake4 by Crazydiamond on Tailcast

Today is the day my Tailcast blog goes it’s own merry little way…I think!…I’m not sure,… just a bit maybe.

Today I posted a poem there that I didn’t post here…here being Blogger, livejournal or myspace depending on where you are!

Tailcast is full of treasure such as the beautiful swan picture above by Crazydiamond…which seems to capture on the screen the amazing quality of light that I love the most…light and water is always a good combination, but Wow!

As Tailcast is in the middle of re-launcing I’m not sure how pretty the pages will be, or if I may have to re-do all the links in the next week or so…any problems with them let me know.

Ok, bit of a strange post but all that the three hungry kids’ll let me post at the moment!

Big kiss