My brain informs me that it’s Saturday…but the computer says Monday…probably because we lost our connection for 24 hrs and I’ve yet to do my Sunday browsing.

Well these are my mad red Love Flowers…Mark says they look like Animal Flowers (as in the muppet drummer) The centres are yellower than it looks here so they do look like thay just need eyes and skinny arms with drumsticks!

In reality they say ‘Love, I love you’ all through the petals, the vase says ‘happiness’ and the tablecloth says ‘joy’…so they are my Love Flowers in a Happiness Vase an a Joy Tablecloth.

It’s just me messing about with felt-tips and water again…

My limited selection of colours drove me to the art shop today…£14 for five pens!….

£14 for five pens!

The next messy picture had better be worth it!…I’ll at least give Animal his arms.