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You’d never guess which recent picture has inspired this Giveaway Tree…well you might if you’ve been here recently. I’ve loved doing this, I used to doodle magic/wishing/dreaming trees quite often. There is just something about a purple tree!

The original story I read about a wishing tree, was a french one, in which all the leaves of the tree were in fact white, only changing colour once touched by or held in the hand of someone. The colours the leaves turned revealed something of a persons character simple by colour. I love that idea.

I’ve been so inspired in fact that this is a Giveaway Tree Too!

Whoever gets drawn from the hat here on Wednesday the 17th of September can choose which one they fancy best…the other will go to tailcast as a prize…hopefully in time for the collab competition.

I’ve had lots of fun with my pens and pastels…as usual there are words and writing throughout the pictures and over the next couple of posts I will transcribe (is that the right word?) them here…as well as putting up a couple of closer detail pics.

With giveaways in mind I got out my old workcase:

And in it I found extra goodies for the giveaway! “Aha! Treasure.” Said Steff!

I Have made many sets of these for friends over the years, and even sold a few way back at the turn of the century! (it’s very weird being able to say that…I guess it was turn of the millennium though.)

They are little bags of moment cards, for meditation or answers…however they take you. The words on them are from dreams, trees, trance journeywork etc…and the hands themselves were all drawn around my left hand and then shrunk down and flipped were needed…all the sets are hand finished and in a little homemade bags that prove, for all time, that I am not a seamstress.

There’s one of these for the winner of the draw…and if I get more than twenty comments between the three blogs, I’ll draw four more names to get a set…that should keep me busy making!

And lastly…this is a little treasure to my heart…I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for one write as there are so many things I struggle to say when I really want to say them…Though you’d be hard pushed to find many that talk much more than I do…go figure!

This is the last of twenty sets of compliment/message cards I made a few years ago, they have their own little wallet and make a lovely gift as a set, or to give individually, leave in someone’s pocket etc..I might reveal the other messages in the set over the next few posts…

Okay, so that makes a gift of three things, including the pick of one of the Giveaway Trees.

It’s my myspace blog that is celebrating it’s 1000 visits and 100th blog, but whichever blog you read on to qualify you just leave me a comment that includes the sentence:

My favourite thing this week is...

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If you’re not a member of myspace or livejournal you can leave your comment by ticking the anonymous box here on the blogger blog which is here.

I’ll arrange to get contact details from you when you are one of the winners!

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