Learn, support, hold, change, Love, hope, expand, bless, applaud, create, Love, witness, grow, gift.

This week has been a blur of screens…blogging, tailcast, hotel details, flight details and homework! Most days this week the lappy and the computer have been whirring and tapping at the same time…it’s a strange world for a little one to grow up in.

I try and imagine my life without the childhood I had and replace it with the one our kids are getting and I really can’t guess how I would have turned out. Our eldest asked us today, if we could go back in time and change one thing what would it be…after immediately thinking I’d like to never have taken to eating for comfort I swapped that for being more patient and wise with my kids…not shouting or getting angry at them. We went on to try and imagine what the world would have been like if you took out someone major such as Hitler and the nazis from history…but how can you even guess what would happen if you remove one bad, one mistake, one wrong turn whether anything could turn out better in the long run.

Is everything always somehow in balance we can’t perceive?

Our littleish ones have also been busy with friends and playing and visits and visitors and mummy and daddy so the world is not all that different. There is balance…they get more hugs and praise than cross words thrown at them…and there is always the grace that is forgiveness for those moments…and then I’m thankful that we’re not perfect and too wise or too patient because grace, true humility and forgiveness are beautiful to learn.

The words above this post are the gifts held by the first Giveaway tree, and these are the sqwirly words in the hillside:

This tree calls to you today
and says to forgive yourself…the instant you realise.
There will always be shelter in your forgiveness.
I send you love for your journey.
Movement, chances, change, love all ways, freedom.